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Foto: Luces de Budapest, toma 2

Tras la toma 1, llega la toma 2.

Luces de Budapest, toma 2 (foto: Javifields)

Folded eve, dying lantern handle squeezed in a gipsys fist,
lighting up his way to a wooden inn filled with mist.
Like twelve thousand nights before,
he just sneaked through the door.

Frosted wind lost his heart in a squelch, away from childish dreams.
Silently, that old violin feigned all his screams.
Like only remaining glow,
he started playing.

Sadly as a christmas, forgeting all the issues,
cuddling strings with old, wrinkled fingers,
drawing memories in a calmy smile.

Taking his last bow, gently as a snow plow,
kissing violin with whispering tear,
closed his eyes forever with a leer.

Suena "Lights of Budapest", del álbum "Neon blue" de la banda serbia Erthner.
Inspirada en la canción tradicional húngara "Fáj a szívem" ("Me duele el corazón").

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Hola Javier!
Muy buena la foto, si,si.. ¡para concurso!
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